Education Development Center ”Planet” has opened the call for the participation of high school students from 4 cities (Sombor, Osijek, Veles and Baja) on youth exchange ” open mind knows no boundaries’!

Why to apply for youth excange?

During the youth excange you will:

-hang out with young people from 4 different countries;

-learn more about yourself as well as other young people, your peers;

-explore the city of Sombor from a different angle;

-learn a lot about human rights and non-formal education; 

-get the Youthpass certificate which proves you’ve gained specific competences ;

-find out more about Erasmus plus program, which enables young people to learn, socialize and travel across Europe;

-improve yourself in every way and become active citizen who contribute to the society in which you live!

Detailed exchange program was devised by youth workers certified by NAPOR (National Association of Youth Workers of Serbia).

More about trainers:

Branislav Trudić LinkedIN profil

Aleksandar Trudić LinkedIN profil

Ena Horvat Profesionalni portfolio

Briefly about the youth exchange

The youth exchange ‘’Open Mind Knows No Borders’’ brings together 40 young people, high school students, from four neighbouring countries (Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Croatia) with different ethnic, national, religious, historical, cultural backgrounds to the city of Sombor (Vojvodina, Serbia) united to learn about each other and create an atmosphere of peace, non-violence, respect of human rights in which they can find what connects them despite their differences.

They come from the cities which refugees pass through on their way to Western Europe and which are affected by the refugee crisis.

During five full working days during  youth exchange, the participants will use various methods of non-formal learning to share knowledge and experience in a friendly atmosphere full of understanding, friendship and solidarity.

Young people are full of ideas and initiatives, they initiate social changes, and this youth exchange would be a great opportunity for their potential not only to be expressed but also used for creating new ideas related to mutual overcoming of the current migration problems, within possibilities of the youth actions. After the exchange, they will apply what they have learnt during exchange by implementing activities in their schools and local communities.

Our joint efforts to help migrants will be making of multilingual pocket dictionary of basic vocabulary that will make communication easier when passing through these four countries or during stay in them.

INFO poster

How to apply?

All you have to do is to fill out a short application form!

Clicking on the link below, download the app form, fill it out and send it to the appropriate e-mail address indicated in the app form.

Note that the deadline for sending the completed app form is 9. Jun!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: there is also a second deadline till 23rd of June!

Application form:


For further information you can contact us through the following contacts:

Ena Horvat (project coordinator)


Good luck and see you in Sombor!

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